Computer hard drive dead!

I have been without my computer for 3-4 weeks now. I thought it was just a virus but turns out it was terminal! My hard drive is dead. Soooo I am at a place of deciding if I want to get it replaced or just let it go. I have a new computer now. I am downloading everything that I had saved on Carbonite to my new computer. But, Holly needs a computer and she could use the my old one with a new hard drive. decisions decisions. I haven’t been able to ask Charlie about what he thinks because his phone goes straight to vm. grrr. At this point we are not out any money on the old computer…and the cost of the new hard drive isn’t bad, but if I can’t find the original disks to be put on the new hard drive then we are going to be adding up costs…I guess the first thing I need to do is find those disks. I am pretty sure they are in Charlie’s closet somewhere. According to an article I read a hard drive is 80% more likely to crash after 4 years so apparently mine was one of the 80% that die at age 4…may it rest in peace.