First day orientation, wedding venue option

I had my first day at CHC SEK today. It was an orientation day so I haven’t really started work yet, I start at the Center tomorrow morning. I am soooo looking forward to starting work with this medical group. This is a group of people that seem to be genuinely concerned about the people that come there for care. They want to provide them with the best care they can give them from the front to the back. I am impressed with the way they talk about healthcare and meeting these people at their place of need regardless of ability to pay. This has been refreshing. Do they make sure the billing gets done correctly? Yes, that is a priority, they have to be able to pay the bills. But the patients ability to pay doesn’t make a difference in if they will get the treatment they need. So anyway, onto other things…
I went with my daughter, Stephanie to check out a Wedding Venue. It is a beautiful place. She is wanting to have the wedding outside. The place we looked at is set up for ceremony and reception all to be in one place as well as a place for the bride to get ready there on site. I don’t know if this is where she will choose but it was a really nice . They are planning to keep the wedding small, with just those who are closest to them. They also don’t want to have children there. She said something about all guests being at least 14 to attend. That isn’t set in stone yet, but I am pretty sure that is the direction they are going to go with this. I will give updates as they come in…I am so excited for Stephanie and Corbin, this is going to be fun!
So for now I am signing off, and heading to bed. This day has exhausted me. The emotional drain of leaving my previous job and finally getting this new one, coupled with Kelly and Tim getting married and Stephanie and Corbin getting engaged has really taken a toll on me! So many Big changes in such a short time is hard on a body! But they have been good changes for me! I am blessed!

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