When people are mean and unkind to your children…

Kelly and Michaelmy children are all adults now and quite capable of taking care of themselves, but you know what that doesn’t change how it feels when someone is unkind to them. I understand why this woman has been so unkind. She is jealous of what they have and she is incredibly insecure in her own life. But my kids are 19 and 20 this woman is in her 50’s! She has two teenage daughters, if they were treated or spoken to in the manner she has felt compelled to treat my children she would be all up in the face of whoever dared to treat them that way. I have not been in her face about how she has treated my children, nor has Charlie. My children are adults and have handled the situations with far more maturity and character than this woman has shown the entire time she has been here. She just moved here and seems to be quite unhappy with her life, her situation, and everything that is happening around her. I have had to come to the conclusion that I can allow her to infect my life with her misery or I can refuse to allow her access to my heart and mind. We all make decisions in life, we all have things that we have to face and deal with that are not fun or comfortable. But we also all have the choice to let those things make us better rather than bitter. We can teach our children to overcome life’s challenges or we can teach them to blame others and never learn anything from the hard lessons. I am very proud of how well my children, Michael and Kelly,  have handled themselves with the way this woman has thrown hurtful words and actions at them like they are targets for her arrows and fiery darts. They both recognized her sorry and pitiful life, they both realized that they were not the problem, but that the problem was hers. Although what she said was hurtful they have both been able to forgive and move on. They both chose to let it go and not allow her to have that kind of power over them. Does this mean that she is going to go without being challenged? No I believe that she will be held accountable for hermaxine actions. I don’t know who will hold her accountable…probably not me, that is unless she says something stupid to me, then it will probably be me 🙂 It just really confounds me that there are people out there who say they are Christians yet they are so bitter and unforgiving, full of hate and malice towards innocent people that have nothing to do with the place they are in their life. Such a pitiful and sad life to live. To have the grace and mercy of God available and to even profess that you are under it, yet you live in such darkness and deception. I have no room for anger towards this woman, only pity and sadness that her life is what she has made it. She touched my children and she hurt them, but because of the training that my children have had they rose above the hurt to see the real problem and chose to handle themselves with maturity and character. So Very Proud Of Them!!!

6 thoughts on “When people are mean and unkind to your children…

  1. You and Charlie have done a great raising your children —they are beautiful kids that love the Lord and show great maturity! We will pray for the lady that is hurting sooo bad and hope she finds Jesus soon!!! Jesus is her only hope!

    • They continue to bless me with their outlook on all of this. I don’t think that I had that kind of self control at their age…no I know I didn’t! Ha, just thought of some instances that I am not very proud of, but they do make me laugh! I bet you and mom know what some of those are! Love you both so much!

  2. Only God can change this person. So sorry for your pain. Nothing like the pain of hurt Mother’s heart. They will pay for what they have done to them.
    Love you Carol

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