I got another call today

It was 6 weeks of no calls, no interest and then I am getting called for interviews. I accepted the job at CHC SEK on Wed and that is the job that I wanted, but today I got a call from Freeman wanting to do a second interview. I turned it down, but it sure feels good to know that I am wanted! Feels good to know that God not only provided me another job but gave me a choice! He is pretty cool isn’t he? This last dark time I walked through is over, and the sun is shining again…I don’t like the dark, but I must say that it sure makes you appreciate the sunshine!!

other exciting news…Stephanie and I are going to check out a venue for her wedding on Monday. Springhouse Gardens is the name of the place and it looks really nice by the pictures. Wedding planning has begun! I will keep you posted as we move forward and when we have a date!

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