Dragon City, Play Tryouts, time spent with my wonderful kids…

been an eventful and good week. Kelly and Tim arrived a week ago Wednesday and it has been a great visit from the get go! I must say that having a young man sleeping with my daughter in her room is, well, weird! But we have gotten used to that, sorta! They have Charlie and I playing Dragon City, a stupid facebook game that I have no idea what I am doing on. I just feed and breed the dragons and fight the battles, but have no idea what I am actually supposed to do in this game! LOL anything to connect with my kids! gotta stay up with them right? Well at least that is my excuse!

I have had to work really  hard at not letting myself be depressed even with all the stuff going on! I really wonder how much longer I am going to feel this! I don’t want to go back to my job, not anymore, I am past that now, but it sure would be nice to have a job to go to! I am not one for sitting around the house with nothing to do. Charlie wants me to pick my scrapbooking hobby back up…thought about it. I do have plenty of stuff that needs to be done around here. Closets, drawers, filing cabinets and desk all need to be cleaned out and the junk gotten rid of…and then there is all the stuff outside that really needs to be cleaned out…like I said it isn’t that I have a shortage of things to do! I honestly don’t want just any job and quite frankly if there were something that I could do at home and get paid for that would be ideal for me. I am not a salesman though and so that definitely limits my options!

We have yet another play that we have tried out for. MLT is doing “A Christmas Carol” this December! It will be a very good distraction for me and Charlie is going to do this with me, even though he is way to busy to do it! He has been so supportive of me and really has made this transition easier. “Smokey Joes Café” was a great big HIT! We had so much fun doing this show, I hope that the next one is as much fun…but it is full of kids and that means that we will hear a lot of yelling trying to get everyones attention during practices and that grinds on my nerves pretty quick…all part of the process.

We are heading out to dinner in Joplin tonight. This is our last night with Kelly and Tim. Kevin and April are coming from Springfield to have dinner with us, Corbin and Stephanie will be there as well as Michael and David so we will have 10 of us tonight…nice big bill to pay at the end of dinner, but so worth it! I wish we could have Holly with us, she will be the only one not there! Kelly and Tim will be going to see her tomorrow in KC though. My family is growing and I must say that my children have chosen well. They each have a mate that compliments and makes them whole. That is Fantastic and blesses me! Thank you God for answering my prayers and bringing the right mates to my children at the right time. I know that Holly and Michael will each find the right one in God’s time and I am so looking forward to meeting them!

Well I have rambled on long enough and probably have lost all 3 of my readers already! Talk with you all later! And thanks for taking the time to stop by and listen to me! It means a lot!

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