Job hunt

I do not like looking for a job! I do not like applying at place after place and not hearing anything from anyone! It is frustrating that I am not even given a chance to talk with anyone. But on the other hand I have placed this whole job thing in God’s hands and I am trusting Him to open up the door when it is time for me to return to work. So in the meantime I will enjoy my time off and keep applying for jobs as they come to my attention. God will open the right door at the right time. And He will also provide the funds to meet our bills and help Stephanie with her wedding.
I am enjoying being able to go to lunch with my family or friends at the drop of a hat, I am enjoying being home in the morning and getting David off in the morning without having to hurry, I am enjoying taking a nap in the afternoon if I feel like it.
Today I went to my old office, as I got a text telling me that the Dr and his wife were away and it was safe to come in and see my old co-workers. It was so good to see them. It has only been a month but it feels like longer than that. They are doing just fine. They miss me like I miss them but they are getting things done without me. The office is a sad place. I hate that, we always had such a good time there even when things were tense we were able to laugh and get through it. On a good note I can report that the office manager is making an effort to get to know the girls and build relationship with them. If she can keep that up she just may earn their respect. They are not sure this will continue, in fact they are just waiting for the old hateful office manager to show back up…it is her usual way, but God can change anyone, even her. For the sake of the office I do hope that this is a real change in her and that the old is gone.
Every trace of me has been removed from the office, but they can’t take away the influence I had on the staff or the patients. The relationships I built there will last, and my memory will live on in the hearts and minds of those who loved me there. As their memory lives on in my heart. I am supposed to go to dinner with some of them next week. I am looking forward to that, but I know that my contact with them will be minimal from now on. That is sad 😦

Smokey Joes CastFun note: We will be going to Grove tonight to practice for our Smokey Joes Café performance tomorrow night on Monkey Island. This is such a fun show and I am glad that we have another opportunity to get together with this amazing cast! I have so enjoyed working with them and getting to know new people as well as reconnecting with old friends! The talent in this cast is such a pleasure to be around, they are funny, they sing and play instruments with such beauty and they really enjoy working hard and making things perfect for the audience. This show has been the least stressful show I have been in with the MLT. Usually there is quite a bit of tension as we get closer to show-time, but this show came together so well and the only real problems we had were sound related and trying to get all the microphones to work at the right time!  This was a great distraction for me as I worked through quitting my job! Timing is everything and God has perfect timing!