I quit my job last week.

My previous post was about what led up to my decision last week. I chose to keep it protected till my decision was made due to not wanting to cause more problems than I already had. But now that the decision has been made I unprotected the post. It tells pretty much everything…I am saddened beyond words to have walked away from some of the neatest people I have ever had the honor of working with. I will miss them greatly. But I know that God has other plans for me now, and they do not include working there anymore. For now I am going to help out at the Blossom Shoppe getting things inventoried and whatever else I can help with. We have play practice most nights and that is fun and distracting. I don’t really know what God is wanting to do with me now, but I do know that I am listening and waiting to hear from Him for my next step. I have chosen to walk in forgiveness, to move on and just let it go. The grief I feel is still heavy and I have found it difficult to get past leaving my coworkers, but like any “loss” I will heal and I will get better. Thank you for praying for me when the Lord brings me to your mind. I suspect I still have days ahead that I will struggle.


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