The line has been drawn in the sand…

I know you all are aware of how difficult I find my office manager. She is quite full of herself, terribly insecure and prideful all at the same time. She is intimidated by anyone who thinks for themselves and that is everyone in our office. What a terrible situation for her. At least at home she is the boss without question from anyone, but at work she is tolerated simply because she is the Dr’s wife and we respect and love the Dr so we tolerate his wife. She demands that we “obey” her like we are children that need discipline. We are treated like we are disobedient, incompetent children…well I must tell you that I am no longer willing to tolerate this treatment. She sent me a message yesterday that was meant to be demeaning and hurtful, this is how she exerts her power. I called her on it and now we are at an impasse. I am not willing to be treated like trash and she is not willing to change how she treats me or the others in the office. Dr is in the middle. I have let Dr know that I am willng to quit and open a spot for someone that would be better fitted to dealing with her ummm, personality. There is no excuse for treating those who work for you like they are incompetent idiots, and yet that is how she treats us, there is no excuse for not using the team of smart, hardworking women that work in your office to help you make it better, but she is intimidated by anyone who has an idea that is different than hers. What a sad little person she is. So the line has been drawn in the sand and I really think that I am going to be looking for a new job next week. I meet again with the Dr on Tuesday to discuss what we have both decided over the weekend. I hate to walk away from this job I love the people I work with, I admire and respect the Dr and his PA, there isn’t another place that I would rather be, but I simply cannot justify continuing to put myself in a place to be belittled and demeaned in order to make one small minded woman feel better about herself. I have chosen not to use any names as my purpose here is simply to air my thoughts and not to gossip about someone. If you know who I am speaking of please refrain from using her name or the names of the others in the office.


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