Guardianship is done

We got David’s guardianship finalized today. That is a relief, now I can get him into another Dr that specializes in behavioral issues. Since I was last on here there have been some changes with David. He had become so unpredictable and volatile that my dear friend, Chelle, had to step down from caring for him. She has a responsibility to protect her family above all else. I just want to say how much I appreciate the years that she was able to help me out with him. Thank you Chelle, you are a friend that is valued beyond what I can say on here! You put up with his fits and tried everything to settle him down, you stuck with him for far longer than most others and above all else you told me what was happening and kept me informed all the time. Unlike previous experiences…You are a jewel and a priceless friend to me!

As for what I am doing now to take care of him? I am getting off work early now. CLASS drops him off at my work and I take him home from there. It is an arrangement that is working out very well for both David and I. I get to spend more time at home and with David this way. I don’t feel quite as stressed trying to get everything done that needs to be done. So all in all it is a win/win for all of us. David is doing well at CLASS right now, Thank God! Hopefully, when we get his meds regulated and changed to what will work better we won’t have the outbursts so much there…but then again he may just have outburst regardless of what he is taking!

Thanks for all the prayers that you my 3 readers have lifted up on our behalf! Prayer is powerful and we serve a Big God that delights to meet our needs!

3 thoughts on “Guardianship is done

  1. You’re very welcome! Thank you, Lanie! You know I love you and David (and Charlie… for the most part).

    I was at Walmart this afternoon and almost started putting David’s favorite snacks into my cart! You know he’s welcome in my home anytime you need me. I’m glad to hear the guardianship is taken care of so that he can see the new dr. and hopefully start feeling better. Let me know what happens with that. Keeping you all in my prayers. Let’s try for a lunch date sometime soon!

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