Update on David

Things seem to have settled down for now. I haven’t gotten any texts of phone calls telling me he is out of control. His new dosage of medicine must have kicked in…I’m going with prayer was answered though. Medication has it’s place but it isn’t the be all and end all that is for sure. I have been giving him Plexusslim for the past few months. He is doing pretty good on it. He isn’t ravenous all the time now. He isn’t getting any bigger. He seems to be satisfied with smaller portions of food. I am hoping that he will start to lose weight, but with him on the different meds he is on the odds are against him…I am also taking the Plexusslim I really like the way it makes me feel. I have more energy during the day and my hunger is not overbearing! That is huge! I am going to start taking the probiotic and also the cleanse. I am excited to see if this helps me take off the weight I have put back on. I haven’t put it all back on but enough that I need to get it off before I am back where I started. If you are interested in the Plexusslim let me know I will be more than happy to talk with you about it. http://www.plexusslim.com/elainerarick


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