Special Needs Son

yes I have one! And what a delight he can be and then there is the other side! Like putting a whole roll of toilet paper in the toilet and flushing! Yes this causes significant trouble! Like flooding my bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, and hallway! I know my friend Chelle totally feels my pain as he has done this to her repeatedly as well! Arggggg this is such a frustrating thing, not to mention GROCE! Poopy water all over my kitchen, YUK!!!! Well it is all cleaned up and David is appropriately sorry, as he always is. There are some things that come with having a special needs adult, like the pure joy that he has in the smallest things, the ability to love completely no matter what happens, and the ability to do things that can send the best mom into orbit when she walks into her kitchen and has to pull her pants up to keep them from getting wet from the disgusting water that is pouring into the room! You take the good with the bad and thank God that the problems you are having are just a nuisance and not a tragedy! He keeps things in perspective for me and God uses this young man to keep me grounded and level!




3 thoughts on “Special Needs Son

  1. Special needs or not, you take the good with the bad- whether it’s poopy water or a child who chooses to walk away from the Lord, or worse. Raising kids brings both joy and heartache for any mama, no matter what kind of kid you’re given. They are all gifts, even at their worst moments. Although I could do without the toilet paper-stuffing incidents and the temper tantrums, David is a sweetheart and a blessing to us. Thank you so much for trusting me to take care of your son!

  2. Love you & David and miss you both. Don’t know how you do it. You are in my prayers, heart and thoughts so much. Need to get together one of these days. Love you, Carol

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