The last of my children have moved out!

Well accept for David, but that dosn’t count! Kelly has moved to KC to live with her sister and work in the city. I know that she will suceed at whatever she does, but I am going to miss her spunky personality and her sweet ways. She would deny that she has sweet ways, but she does! I loved having her with us for the extra time we got. She was supposed to leave for boot camp last August and every week and month we have gotten extra have been a gift. She didn’t end up going into the Navy but that is ok, I know her steps are being directed by the Lord. I miss you my sweet girl and it has only been an hour since you drove out of the driveway! Holly will be blessed having you in her home and I am so thankful that you two get this time together! So now I will put on my big girl panties and get on with life and the new season that I get to experience!

4 thoughts on “The last of my children have moved out!

  1. Saying goodbye to your kids is hard! You’re at least allowed to have a good cry over it. The big girl panties will still be there when you’re done. In fact, you can wipe your tears with them! Love you, sweet friend! Tell Miss K I wish her all the best and to be a good girl up there (I know she will be).

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