Childhood best friends…

I had a wonderful best friend for all of my middle school and high school years. She was someone I spent hours with, we were always together, told eachother everything that was going on in our life. Then we graduated and we went our separate ways. I have not spoken with her for probably 25 years and now I will never be able to again on this earth. March 1, 2013 she died at the age of 47. You would think that having not seen or talked with her for 25 years that this would not have such an impact on me, but the fact of the matter is that we shared a bond that the years did not diminish for me. I could have picked up the phone at any time and we would have been able to talk, she would have responded to me as her friend and not as a stranger, as I would have to her. Her family is not telling what happened to her, they are only telling that she died. I do kmow a gun was involed, which makes it very suspicious that they are being so secretive. They said that they are only celebrating her life, how she died is not important. So, my best friend from my youth is dead from a gun accident and what happened to her is not important? Only that we celebrate the years we had with her? REALLY? There are things that are weird about her obit as well…only one sister is mentioned and was mentioned as a daughter first and then it was changed to sister. It is just weird and odd. Bothers me, makes me question the death of my young friend, was she murdered? Was it suicide? Was it a terrible accident? And what is the harm in telling the truth? They are entitled to their privacy, I have not asked again and I wont ask anymore about the events surrounding her death,but not knowing makes it harder to move past the event. Closure is for more than just the family. Friends have need of closure to. Just wanted to get that off my chest.


One thought on “Childhood best friends…

  1. I’m so sorry, Sweet Pea. I know you’re hurting and confused over her death and I wish I could say or do something to help. I love you and I’m praying God gives you peace and that you will get the answers you need.

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