My first born Daughter turned 25 on Saturday!


what the Heck? How is it possible that my baby girl is now 25 years old? I spent the afternoon saturday with her and enjoyed every minute I got to be with her. She is an absolute delight. She has the sweetest disposition, always has, even as a baby and child she has been delightful to have around. She is such a smart, beautiful and amazing young woman. I am so proud of her! I love her with everything in me and want her to have a happy successful life! I have witnessed her succeed in college graduating with a Masters in Architecture, get a job that is challenging in a tough economy. I continue to lift her up in prayer as she has turned her back on the Lord and the training of her childhood. God is faithful and I have every confidence that the Word of God that is planted deep inside of her will bring her back to himself. My heart breaks and aches as I watch her live a life that is against everything that we stand for, but that is not up to me to change and I am only responsible to pray for her. I love her and love to spend time with her inspite of her lifestyle choices. She is still my daughter and she is still loved by God and still being pursued by Him. If you think of her please lift her up in prayer. The lies of the enemy are strong and the deception is strong, but the Word of God and His truth are stronger! Someday I will see her come back to her roots. Until then I will continue to pray for her and love her with everything in me. I love you my Stephanie Michelle, you are a bright shining star in my heart!


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