Rants of a disgruntled employee with an attitude check

chocolateI was driving to work this morning totally not wanting to go in and deal with the drama that is my work place right now. I prayed this morning asking God to help me with my stinky bitter attitude…and guess what? He did! I chose today to hand it over to God and let Him work in my heart and my attitude. I chose to not let things bother me today, to just let it roll off and not fret about them. I did well most of the day and the times I didn’t I was quickly reminded by the Holy Spirit that I had a choice, to get upset and have heartburn or to let it go and walk in peace. It is not my responsibilty to fix everything, only the things that I can. So I just thought I would let the few of you that read my blog know that I am ok, and that I have returned to my sweet attitude (sweet for me) and not continued in my bitter, heart burn inducing bad attitude. Some days are just going to be rough and dwelling on them dosn’t help the situation, but it certainly does make for a waste of my time! As long as I have plenty of chocolate I will be fine! That and the ever faithful checks of the Holy Spirit telling me to get a grip!


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