Night of Comedy and Music, head injuries and premature labor…

all in one day? Really? That is what our Saturday was like this week! We had our performance at the Coleman Theatre, Night of Comedy and Music, that was by the way a smashing success! So very proud of the group we were working with, both actors and musicians! So much fun to work with all that talent! When we got to the Coleman,David took off running after us with his head down and ran smack dab into the fire escape stairs that are halfway down. Hit so hard it knocked him on his rear! And boy you should have heard him scream! Charlie ran to help him and look at the gash that he had running across the front of his head, not good! This one required a trip to the ER. Now understand that Charlie is in the opening of the nights entertainment and now we are heading to the ER. It is 6:40 and the show starts at 7:30…you all know how fast they work in an ER. Well Kelly was with us and she offered to stay with David at the ER. He had stopped bleeding and seemed to be calm, so we left him in her care with instructions to call if she needed us for anything! Well it took 3 male nurses, the Dr and Kelly to hold David down for his staples. It took 9 staples, but they had to redo 5 or 6 of them because he was moving so much that they didn’t get them in good enough! And then he had to have a tetnus shot and an antibiotic shot after that. He didn’t have a good night at all! Kelly did get him back to the Coleman in time for him to hear Charlie and I sing our song! He loves to sing that song with us. All in all it was ok. David has a headache today and I have been keeping the tylenol and ibruprophen going for him. but he seems to be doing fine otherwise.
Then there is the premature labor…my sweet neice, Jill, is in labor and they are doing their best to stop the contractions but she has been contracting since Friday, it is now Sunday. They moved her Saturday to a hospital with a NICU in prepartion for the birth of this sweet baby 10 weeks to soon. I am praying that she is able to carry this baby a little bit longer at least, let those lungs get developed. My heart just breaks for them, there is nothing so scary as worrying obout your childs life and well being. Please keep Jacob and Jill in your prayers as well as the baby.
oh yea I almost forgot to let you know that we hit a dear on the way home Wednesday night from church! OMG, what a week it has been! We of course didn’t have any injuries, not so much for the deer! Or the truck! But thank God we were in the truck and not my honda, had we been in my little civic I think the story would have been different. It was a large deer and it would have come through my windshield. God is good, even to the point of directing us as to what vehicle we should be driving at what time!


One thought on “Night of Comedy and Music, head injuries and premature labor…

  1. So sorry for your wild week. So glad you were all ok. God bless you all. Love you & miss you. You definitely need a rest at Tom & Carol’s hideaway. lol! Anytime.

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