Well I learned something this weekend!

If I want to get a lot of hits on my blog I post pictures of my kids! Lol, I average 3 or 4 hits a day and thats being very generous! After posting my kids senior pics this weekend I had 244 hits total from Friday to Sunday night! OMG!! I don’t think I even have that many friends so it leaves me to wonder who is looking at my kids pics and then I get kinda creeped out…

Anyway now that I am back to my faithful few, I have to tell you what else happened this weekend. My children, the same ones I posted pics of, decided to go on an adventure…one that ended up with the Sheriff’s department getting involved! We got a phone call Saturday night from a deputy letting us know that our children were being restrained in a police car till we could come and pick them up! Yes, you know I was thrilled about this! They make their mother soooooo proud! They had decided that it would be great fun to climb a water tower in a town I choose not to disclose! Not only that but they chose to do this when we are in the middle of a thunderstorm! Is there any part of this that sounds smart to you? Not only that but they had to get through a locked gate just to get to the water tower, they were in danger of being hurt first of all, and secondly they broke the law, trespassing, illegal entery to name a few, of which felony charges could have been filed! What.The.Heck.Were.They.Thinking? Oh, wait, silly me, they are teenagers and their sweet little brains are not fully functioning yet! The officer was willing to let it go if a parent came to pick them up and they are going to have to do community service. I am thankful that they let them go, charges would have had an effect on them for the rest of their lives and it definatley wasn’t worth that. What did we do you ask? Well for the one that still lives in our home, restrictions have been applied, but in all reality they are just old enough that “doing” anything about it is hard other than lecturing and expecting better behavior in the future! One of them dosn’t even live at home anymore! All I know to say is OMG! Life is truly full of suprises! For now I must go, it is time to leave for play practice! TA TA


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