Exciting morning for David and I

I told David to go get in the car and I would be there in a minute. In the past this has been met with no drama or excitement. He goes and sits queitly and waits for me to get in the car and we go to Class/work. Well this morning it didn’t go quite as planned! I do not know what came over him to decide to release the emergency brake, but that is exactly what he did! I was on the front porch giving one of my poor thirsty plants a drink of water before I left for the day, I looked up and there goes my car down the driveway headed for the neighbors house across the street! I dropped everything, including my keys, and ran after the car. It came to a stop at the front steps of my neighbors house! I could hear David screaming all the way down the driveway, or was that me? I got to the car and it was locked! David is looking at me scared beyond words and I can’t get him to unlock the doors for me! He finally did and I get in the car to realize that my keys are on the front porch! I have to run back to the house, in my heals, to get the keys. I was so shaken up I couldn’t hardly press down on the clutch! How on earth my car missed the tree and the gas lamp that were right in line with where the car was headed I can only attribute to Angels watching over him! My poor car has a wounded rear bumper…again! I don’t know if we are going to file a claim or if we are just going to pay for it out of pocket…frustrating, scary….so thankful for God’s protection and that no one was hurt. My car can be fixed and that is only money.


One thought on “Exciting morning for David and I

  1. So sorry Elaine. What a way to start a day! Had bad day yesterday. So glad it wasn’t worse & David was ok. Love you.

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