Can the rules and guidelines

please stay the same for at least a week? Do things really have to change constantly? I feel like I am constantly having to change what I did yesterday, simply because things are not thought through and planned well in the first place. On any given day I can do the exact same thing and be praised for doing it and then do the same exact thing the next day and it is wrong…I am told one thing from one person and another from someone else. I just want to know who is boss and what the plan is, no more than that. I want to know that the plan is going forward and that it is going to be in effect for more than one day. I don’t want to put the work into something just to have it change entirely because things were not thought through and prepared for. There I have said what I needed to say. I really don’t like to gripe but I just really needed to get some of this off my chest. It is frustrating to me, very very frustrating.


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