Communication makes all the difference

in the home, at work, at church, in the community, dosn’t matter where you are or who you are dealing with communication is the key to peace! It is also very hard to accomplish! It seems that when you are dealing with people who think they know everything already communication is very difficult to have. I personally am working on listening more and not voicing my “opinion” before I have as much information as I can gather. Pulling my foot out of my mouth is tiresome work! But what really floors me is the sheer number of people who are “mature adults” who speak first and think second, causing havoc in their path as they breeze through not even noticing that they have left destruction in their wake!

Oh that we have grace to treat people the way we want to be treated ourselves and to see beyond the circumstances of the moment to see the big picture. Does this mean that no one is ever repremanded? Absolutely not! I am just saying that getting all the facts first will save you and the other person a great deal of heartache, sometimes reprimand is needed and justified, but sometimes it isn’t or is given to the wrong person.  Just on a soap box right now I guess!

For those of you who read this blog to keep up with my family, Michael is still in AR working during the week and home on the weekends. He has a girlfriend I have not met yet but she does sound like a sweetie. Kelly is working hard getting ready to go into the Navy in the fall, she goes to boot camp Aug 15, which is fast approaching! She graduates high school this May, my baby is graduating! How did that happen? Kevin is working on a wedding with Aprl and finishing up this semester of school. He isn’t sure what he is going to do about school next year. He plans to go to the community college to get all his prereqs out of the way and then make a decision after that for what direction he wants to go. Stephanie is working in Topeka right now for Jostens. She is looking at moving to Topeka this summer, but nothing is set yet. She is still looking for work in the Architecture field, but hasn’t had much luck, what she needs is God’s favor and blessing…luck isn’t the same!  Holly has been in KC for several years now and is working on her dance, she is dealing with tendonitis and a pulled muscle in her back right now, so she is having to take it easy. Which is VERY hard for her to do. This weekend her dance company is in Houston TX for Project Dance, she is quite excited about what God is doing in her life right now! David is doing well, he is loving having his dad and I all to himself, as he is usually the only kid home anymore!  God is working in the lives of my children and in mine and Charlies life as well, life is good with God! Hope this helped to catch all 3 of you up on whats going on around here!


3 thoughts on “Communication makes all the difference

  1. Love your updates. Love you! Changes are really going on in your life & after May 9th. with kids are too. Sounds like you going on some same things as Amy in people in your life. Love you.

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