Honey is better than vinegar

Some people seem to be able to stir up trouble no matter where they are! It seems that listening and getting the facts before making decisions is something that is difficult for some people. Relationship is such an important thing, so many are ruined because of words spoken to soon, accusations made before facts are known, this is true in personal relationships and work relationships. Even more disturbing to me is how many that call themselves Christian and yet behave without thought or concern of others. Speak opinions or demand changes without first making sure they have accurate info. Something else that bothers me is when there are rules that only apply to everyone…unless of course those whom they do not apply!  How do we know who those are? Well we don’t. This group of people changes without notice and is added to spur of the moment. If you are reading this and you think I am talking about you, well chances are I’m not but if you find yourself doing these things, fell free to take it to heart and make some changes in how you deal with people in personal and work relationships. The impressions we leave reflect on our Savior and on the rest of the church. It’s time to be different!


2 thoughts on “Honey is better than vinegar

  1. So true! It is time for words and actions to line up. Perfection not required but strive for. In order to be more like Him is to spend time with Him.

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