Dad is fine, all is well

My dad was released this last weekend. He dosn’t have any heart problems thank God! I was pretty worried about him. Turns out that it was some medication he was taking for pain in his knees. You think you can trust the drs but its not always the case. I am just thankful that it all turned out well and now we know he dosn’t have heart issues!

There is much going on in one of my childrens life but I have told her I won’t be discussing it till she is ready for it. Just suffice it to say that she can really use some prayer coverage and she is going to need it! God is working and directing her steps, but it is scary sometimes…maybe more so for me than her but still she needs coverage. (Kelly) Not that putting it on here means that very many would know as the 3 of you would keep quiet but still I will honor her wishes. I will post details when she is ready.

Kevin and April are planning their wedding and everything is in full swing! Hard to beleive I have a son getting married in just a few months! Very happy for them! I need to get address’ out to them…

Charlie is going skiing this week. I was supposed to go with him as far as Denver, I was going to stay with family, but it isn’t going to work out. So I will be staying home. It’s okay though, David isn’t feeling very good this week and he probably needs me to be home for him. Charlie will have fun rather I am there or not. I will miss getting to spend time with family, I was really looking forward to getting time with them. 😦

Keeping the weight off with ease right now. pleased with that!


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