Dad is sick, Kevin broke his phone, Kelly missed

school for the music festival…that is what this week has been like. Dad was taken to the ER this morning with chest pain. They admitted him, not sure what is going on, nothing they have done helped the pain. Don’t know if it is his heart, or a pulled muscle, gall bladder, so until the heart specialist see’s him they are keeping him there. I pray that it isn’t anything serious. Something happening to my parents is not something I am ever ready for! Mom is feeling better but still battling that pulled muscle in her neck, they just can’s seem to catch a break this month.

Kevin sent me a message on facebook to let me know that he had broke his phone, that he would explain later…well he did. My darling, stressed son punched his phone in the early morning because it was making him mad in his already late start! Yes he PUNCHED his phone and we all know how much that helped his stress level (sigh) it didn’t help mine, but then I realized his lack of phone wasn’t my problem and that he made the mess and he gets to fix it.
Now Kelly missing the music competition…wow, I could have taken her to school but she was driving Michaels car and then going to take it to Welch so he would have it when he gets back from Arkansas. The car battery was dead when she got out there and she missed school. She didn’t call anyone until it was to late to make it there. Oh well things happen right? It really isn’t worth getting all worked up over!

When you think of my dad please pray for his quick healing, and wisdom for the dr’s. And a big thank you to all 3 of you who are faithful to check my blog! You Rock!!


4 thoughts on “Dad is sick, Kevin broke his phone, Kelly missed

  1. When it rains it pours. So sorry it’s pouring on your family. Been there & done that. Not fun. Praying for you sweet friend. Love you so much. Wish I could give you a hug. Thank you for helping Amy & Justin with a house. Can’t think you enough. Be glad to have the drama over with Tom’s brother Mike. Tom is having him sign a paper that he will leave us alone & not try to sue us later. Hard when you can’t trust your own brother. Be glad when it’s over & done. Let me know about your Dad.

    • Carol it is a pleasure to help your sweet family out. Anytime we can we will! Im so glad that you are having Mike sign paperwork to stop him from coming after you again. It is such a shame that you would have to do that with family!

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