Kevin was in Kansas City Sunday with Heartsong. We went to hear them. We were disappointed that they were not given the whole service and only got to do a couple of songs for the altar time…but we did get to see Kevin and hear/watch him play! They are really good and very annointed. The heart for God is evident in these kids eyes and music. It was interesting, you see the dude in the picture standing guard? They had these big dudes on both sides of the stage with those ear phone thingys in their ears and a couple of them were even wearing sunglasses! I’m not sure but that just seemed to be overkill. Is there really a need for that kind of security? course I don’t know what may have happened to make this neccessary. The police and Sheriff’s department were helping with the parking and keeping the traffic moving. Just weird, and very distracting to this small town girl.  It was interesting being in a large church, watching all the people dance and praise the Lord, but I must say that my little church is preferable to me.

 We also got to see Holly Dance yesterday afternoon. She is amazing as well. We are so proud of these kids of ours, God does so much in spite of us as parents! And I am so grateful that he does! Holly spent the week here, cleaning my house, she made all my bathrooms shine and my laundry room is organized and clean! Two of my closets, that I have ignored for years, are now organized and cleaned out! All my blankets, sheets, and towels are freshly washed and neatly put away. Just love it! Inspired me to clean the desk in my living room today and get rid of all the junk mail. Looks great too.


And also the wonderful event of today is my Mom’s birthday! She is the joy of my heart! I love her so much and am so grateful to have her in my life, I wish we were closer and could spend more time together. Happy Birthday Mom you are the greatest! I hope to be just like you when I grow up! Oh wait, I already am a lot like you!!! I love you!


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  1. So glad you got to see the kids perform. What a blessing! You & Charlie are wonderful Godly parents. An example for us all. I see your beautiful Mom in you! I pray she has a wonderful birthday! Love you sweet friend!

  2. Mom doesn’t remember to get on her e-mail, but this really blessed her. You and Charlie are great parents. Love you!!!

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