Well I am better

It seemed like I was going to be sick forever, listen to me cry baby over being down for a few days! I have friends who are sick most of the time and they don’t complain as much as me over 3 days! It is good to be back on my feet again and able to get things done. Well I do use that term “get things done” rather loosely! My darling daughter Holly is coming to clean and organize her poor mothers house! It seems that I have let things go really badly now that I am working full time and am not home during the day. Tis true, I don’t care to clean, cook, do laundry, organize…etc when I get home from work, so I do as little of the above mentioned things as I can get away with. When the underware and jeans run out I do laundry, just to keep the natives happy! They do like to have clean clothes to wear. But my Holly is the queen of organizing and cleaning! Oh how I miss having her around! She would get on a cleaning kick and I would come home to everything clean and put away! That does not happen now that she is no longer living here 😦 But, it will happen this week and I am oh so excited to have her here!

My mom has been quite sick for the last few weeks and I have been concerned, to say the least! She went to the ER last night because her pain was so high she could barely move. They thought she was having a heart attack, but turns out it is a pulled muscle in her neck. She is taking some pretty stout stuff though and when fully dosed is not in much pain at all! That and her diverticulitis that has flared up again has kept her feeling pretty low. Pray for her if you think of her, she can use the coverage!

We went to hear Kevin play with his worship team in Springfield last Saturday night, that was fun! They did a great job, so proud of who this young man is becoming. As he grows and matures I know God has great plans for his life. Sometimes as a parent we think we know what that plan should be, but most of the time we don’t have a clue! Enjoying Gods plan unfold in his life.

Well I have to balance my check book finish paying bills and whatever else it is I am supposed to be doing rather than blogging, so I will wish you all well and close this!


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