Only two more days of VLCD

I am so ready to be able to eat more than 500 calories!! It’s not that I am hungry so much as I am just wanting to eat more than I am, hard to explain. I have been burning fat like crazy, my clothes are to big, I am wearing things I had not been able to wear before…now for the setting my metablolism stage! this is fun to watch happen, the body literally will reshape itself during this phase. One day you are one shape and you wake up the next morning and low and behold you are reshaped! It is wonderful to see! So onward to stage 3! Reshape and reset here I come!


3 thoughts on “Only two more days of VLCD

  1. So proud! Started WEIGHT WATCHERS last Thurs. Hope & pray I lose this Thurs. Moving more & trying. Hope I do good. Praying so too.

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