I get tired of people talking about what they know nothing about…

I am taking the Hcg, yes, I have read about it, yes I know it works, yes I know why it works! But I am tired of people who have nothing to go on  but their own opinion telling me that the only reason I am losing is because of the 500 calorie diet I am on! You will lose weight and rather quickly if you are on a 500 cal diet…you will also put all the weight right back on as soon as you begin to eat normally and then some! I have been doing this protocol for over a year (does that sound like a quick weight loss to you) I am following the protocol exactly, I don’t cheat and I am losing weight and KEEPING IT OFF. I could go into the details of why Hcg works and how it works, but I really just needed to blow off some steam for a moment. It isn’t for everyone, but just because it isn’t for you does not give you the right to tell me that I shouldn’t be doing it. If I was going to have problems from it I can assure you it would have happened already. So, can you tell I am a little touchy today? I don’t give my opinion about what you are doing, if I haven’t researched it myself, please give me the same courtesy. (there are some people that are exempt from this “keep your opinion to yourself” request, but they are precious few) Grrrrrrowl! I need a nap!


2 thoughts on “I get tired of people talking about what they know nothing about…

  1. You go girl! More power to you! I am really trying to work hard on losing weight. Weight Watchers works for me & I am thinking about going there & Curves. Hope you get a nap! lol! So glad you don’t get mad at me! If you do don’t know it! lol!Love you so much. Miss you so much! So proud of you as a person & your work on losing weight. Please pray for me need to lose 2O pounds aleast. I am going to W.W. Thurs. at a church close by. Little nervous because I don’t know anyone but need to lose & only have 6 weeks to do it before I start back to work. Love you! Keep up the good work.

  2. You go girl!!!!! Don’t let people who don’t know what they are talking about frustrate you! Consider the source baby girl. And listen to your body!!! Love you!!!!

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