Things are moving along so quickly

how is that time just fly’s by without stopping? I cannot get a grip on how much time has passed and how much has been going on. We live in such an exciting time and scary time all at once! There is such a lot going on in our country, so much at stake. The presidential election is pivitol to our future, and the sheer amount of gullible people in our country that can and will vote is terrifying! But that isn’t the purpose of this blog so I am going to move on to other topics…

I am so excited about getting to have my family home for Thanksgiving. I miss them all so much! It seems that I get such a small amount of time with them anymore. My kids have all gone their separate ways, even Mike and Kelly who are still living here at home are rarely around. Of course David is always here and always close by, he does love his momma. Scott and Heidi will be here with their family, my mom and dad will be here, and it will be so wonderful to have everyone one under one roof even if it is only for a short time. Our family has grown to such a size that it is getting harder to have everyone together. Gettng the schedules to match up is anything but easy now.

Things at work got pretty heated this last Friday, sounds like it was a good day for me to be home sick! But issues were addressed and hopefully things will be better now that expectations are set and bounderies have been placed. We have to work as a team if it is going to work!

We are gearing up for Christmas programs. We start practice for The Gospel According to Scrooge this next week, and Charlie is getting the music together for our church program. It will be a very busy tme for the next couple of months, oh who am I kidding? It is always a busy time around here!

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