People really annoy me,

We had Senior night at the high school tonight. When I went in I let them know that I was only there for the the senior night thing and that I was leaving as soon as it was over. I didn’t have to pay to get in. Not so for my husband who was running late and had to stop at the gate to pay to get in. He missed the procession altogether, and then we turned around and left immediately afterwords. It truly is who you talk to, if you go to the gate where Janet is working you will have to pay to get in even if you are not going to stay for the game. I don’t go to the gate she is at ever, but Charlie was in a hurry to get to the field and she was at the closest gate, not that it made any difference. He takes a good attitude about it and says its okay he just made a donation to the sports program. I think it is just a hard nosed woman. I truly have some issues with this woman. I really need to deal with them. They go back many many years, and just because I am not alone in these issues, but do in fact share them with many others in our small town, does not make it okay for me to carry this bitterness toward her. It really isn’t about the $3 charged to walk our daughter across the track for Senior night, it is just one more item in the long list of other offenses over the last 20 years that we have lived here. I wish I could be more like Charlie in that he can still smile and be nice to people who are annoying.
And now my son is wanting, close to demanding that I get him an Iphone with a data plan and he wants me to pay for it all. After all he only makes minimum wage and I should understand…blah blah blah, when will he learn that the more you pressure me the harder I dig my heels in? When will he learn that trying to guilt me into something won’t work, but will actually backfire. whatever they are. Can you tell that I am kinda cranky? Can you tell that I have had a long day and am tired of people altogether? My house is a mess, my laundry piled to the ceiling, and I am sitting here on my computer complaining. Baaahhh