Spent the day in KC yesterday and then today in

Springfield. It was a really good couple of days. We went to KC for Joyce Molina’s funeral, she was 83 when she died and lived an incredibley full and wonderful life. Charlie and I were able to reconnect with Charlies life time friend, David Molina and his wife Jaquie. They are a couple of really neat people! And their kids made such an impression on us. Very personable, respectful, and just all around great kids! We really enjoyed getting to know them a little bit.

After lunch with David and his family we went to visit Holly, she wasn’t feeling good at all. We took her to dinner, got her some cold medicine and took her home so she could go to bed. We hated it that she wasn’t feeling good, but we did get some time with her.

Saturday Charlie took his final class and test for Ordination. We just have to wait the full 2 years now between license and Ordination. While he was in class I went to breakfast with Kevin and his new girl. Got to know her some today and found that she is a really neat young lady. They both seem to be quite happy with their relationship. We took the two of them out for dinner along with David, there was a great deal of laughing and teasing! It was just a really great time of getting to know her.

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