I miss my Music man friends!

The post play blues are the pits! You spend so much time with a group of people and then you have the performance weekend and then boom it is all over! You all go back to your lives and you don’t see eachother till the next play! I miss the fun times, the frustrating times, the working through the problems and making a great show happen! The laughter, the jokes played on eachother, everything that goes with it. But alas it is over and life definately goes on! And life has gone on for sure!
As well as death…we have had 3 deaths right in a row. Our friend and neighbor Barb Howey died last week, our previous pastor from our youth, Darrell Miles, died this week and then today we found out Joyce Molina died this week as well. So much death in such a short period of time. The good thing is that they all knew Jesus and they are all in heaven rejoicing in His presence and that of those who went before them! Pastor Miles has been reunited with Julie his daughter and my dear friend that was killed years ago. He is getting the details and truth of what happened to her all those years ago. Charlie and I will be heading to KC for the funeral of Joyce Molina, she is the mother of Charlies best friend in High School.
Charlie and I will also be going to Springfield on Saturday. Charlie has his last ministry class. After this class all he has to do is wait the 2 years between being licensed and ordained. AND we get to meet Kevins girlfriend, April. WE are really looking forward to meeting this young lady who has so completely caught our sons attention! She is a real cutie.


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