Long time, no post!

I seem to be to busy to keep up with things!

Holly was home last weekend, got to spend a little bit of time with her, Charlie got to see Kevin the other night when he passed through Springfield. Michael and Kelly are working all.the.time! it seems like it is David, Charlie and I only now, most of the time. I did talk with Stephanie on the phone yesterday, she is rarely home now. I was looking at some old pictures and it made me miss the times when we were all home! There was a lot of laughter in those pictures, a lot of love.
On to the next subject…Our pastors resigned as head pastors this last weekend. Yea that was a tough pill to swallow, they are moving on with what God has for them to do, but we are a selfish people and we don’t like change, we don’t like it at all!
But change comes and we grow and we learn. They are such a great influence in all our lives, and they will continue to be one as the path God is taking them is not another pastorate, but rather another ministry that will allow them to remain a part of our lives.

Michaels saga is over now. He went to court and everything has been settled. He walks away with a misdemeanor rather than a felony. Praise God for His faithfulness. Michael could have faced hardship the rest of his life because of stupid choices, but God is merciful and moved on the court to be merciful as well. We will be pursuing the Army next, and he will be going yet another direction in this life, but we know that the hand of God is at work in his life and that we can trust God to bring him through!

David had another seizure this week. That was a scary time, he had it on the bus to CLASS. They called me while Michael and I were waiting to go before the judge for the plea bargain. We had to leave and go to the hospital. David was released about 2 hours later. Michaels lawyer took care of everything at the courthouse for us. Really hate that these seizures are coming so regular and are lasting long enough that an ambulance had to be called. His meds have been upped and we will go forward from here, just pray for him when you think of him.

Well I really don’t have much else to say right now so I am going to go watch a movie with my husband and son…as once again we are the only ones home!

5 thoughts on “Long time, no post!

  1. I am still in shock over the senior pastors. I am happy for them though. Growth is hard. David has been in my prayers for a time now. I will pray harder! I don’t look forward to the kids moving out. Austin had a great time at camp, but I am sure glad he is back in this house tonight.

    • Well at least you could have put a picture of your Senior Pastors AFTER they lost some weight!! That will have to be my FAT pictures…
      Anybody want that green jacket, I think it is a 54L? HAHA

      • you send me another pic of your skinny selves and I will put it up in place of or wait maybe side by side for comparison! LOL

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