Prom 2011

Michael and Kelly both went to Prom this year and they were looking quite good I must say! Michael took a young lady by the name of Mindy and Kelly went with our Youth pastors brother, Chase.

My dear friend came over and did Kelly’s hair and makeup for her, Chelle you are wonderful! She threatened my life if I put any pictures of her up here so I am going to honor her request.

So Very Proud of These Kids! They make me smile…often!


4 thoughts on “Prom 2011

  1. Thank you! I was happy to do it. I hope the curls and pins stay in all night, and I hope I gave her everything she was hoping for. She really looked beautiful, Lanie!

    Olivia went with Darrell up to Prom to get a few pics and she said Kelly was one of the prettiest and best dressed girls there! She said she was disappointed to see so many “unlady-like” (meaning slutty) dresses and that Kelly was one of the few who looked like a “good girl.” Thank God my daughter is already paying attention to how a good girl should look!!! I hope that sticks when she gets up to the HS, amen?

    It was fun coming over and doing that! And thanks for honoring my strict No Photos Policy!!! You’re a good friend!

    • Chelle, you would not believe some of the dresses they were wearing! It was truly shameful! Kelly was one of the classiest ones there that is for sure! We were suprised at some of them, we really expected better from the girl and the parents if you know what I mean, but they will remain nameless as anything in print can come back to bite you in the but!
      You did an outstanding job on Kelly’s hair and makeup she was thrilled as you can tell in the pics! and everything was still in place for promenade so it lasted through dinner, it remains to be seen if it lasts through prom and then bowling! I have a strong feeling it will!
      Evan was looking quite dapper tonight as well. I had to make him stop so I could get a picture of him, kinda made a scene, but he is used to that with you as his mom and all!! fun times!! lol. Love you girl!

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