fine arts results are in

The worship band got an Excellent, Michael and Kelly’s solos each got Excellent, Michael and Kelly’s songwriting each got Superior with Invitation to Nationals, Cabrina’s poem got Superior with Invitation to Nationals as well as being in the top 4!!!  Brittney got an Excellent on her First person Essay. So incredibly proud of these kids and all their hard work!

Kelly also took This picture for the two dimensional art entry. She got an Excellent. She is pretty bummed we all thought she would go to nationals with this one. We will see what the critique sheets say tomorrow. She did get a superior with invitation last year and it was taken away from her for a technicality. She dotted all I’s and crossed all her t’s to make sure she covered all the bases and again she dosn’t get to take her art to Nationals. Very frustrating. These lessons are hard to understand, not sure what she is supposed to be learning, but this has been quite a blow to her.

I got up early this morning and went to OKC to pick up Kelly so she could sing her songs for a school competition this afternoon, she did a very good job at that competition as well, glad to be home and out of the car! I HATE driving in OKC. I Always get lost! Even when I know where I am going, have driven there before, it is guarateed that I will take a wrong exit and end up somewhere, like the Stockyards instead of the church where the competion is! Charlie called to check on me when I was leaving OKC and I had to get off the phone so I wouldn’t miss my exit…again! I drive in KC, Dallas, Tulsa and do not have these problems but OKC is just the worst for me!!! I guess that is all I have to say about that! I am going to get off of here for now, I may come back later to rant some more though :-/


2 thoughts on “fine arts results are in

  1. Really proud to hear that everyone did great. OKC can be very tricky at times. Glad Kelly and you have made it back to this neck of the woods safe.

  2. Kelly’s picture is amazing. She should have gone to Nationals with it hands down. I don’t like OKC either. Never drove in it but Daddy had over 7 ear surgeries there. They said Tom could have knee replacement surgery there or Little Rock when he does through VA. Told him rather go to Little Rock couldn’t be as bad a OKC. Love you. Get some rest & take care of yourself.

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