what to do? two weddings on the same day!

I got two wedding invitations in the mail today and both of them are on the same day 1 hour apart, and in two different towns! I am torn on what to do. I hate to miss either one of them! Ugggghhhh I hate this! Maybe I can go to one wedding and the other reception? Would that be in bad taste?


3 thoughts on “what to do? two weddings on the same day!

  1. Not if you explain the situation to both brides in the right way. I’m sure they’d understand. I do think it’s in bad taste, though, to just show up for a reception without attending the ceremony, for no reason. So make sure to tell her why and I bet it will totally be fine.

  2. Think fine to go to one wedding one reception. Can’t be in two places. Anyone would understand. Miss you. Trouble sleeping. Praying everyone is alright. God has done this for a long time. Daddy has to have another hip surgery after house built. Trying to get him to come see us & go to SDC. On schedule in Bears in Holler new shop so I think I staying there workng full time. Daddy may have the surgery which he said short surgery in Carthage because the Dr. said he can stay there for 1O to 15 days & not go in the Village. Hope I can get off or get off for recovery part. We will see. Love you Miss you

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