hair cuts, Easter Program, work, movies

these are a few of the things our day has consisted of! Charlie has been working on the Easter Program all day long. There is a lot of work to putting this together. It is going to be fun. We have the narration for 3 of the 8 characters we are going to hear from in this production. We should have the rest of the narrations done by tomorrow and then everyone can start memorizing their parts.

Kevin and Michael got haircuts this morning and they are both looking good! Katie did a great job, as usual, on their cuts. Michael has a court date this next week so we wanted him to have a fresh cut. Kevin was looking pretty rough, but he looks clean cut again now! He is going back to school tomorrow. I have really enjoyed having him home this week. 

Michael and Kelly are both working today and have been busy working all week long. Kelly had a pretty rough time when found out this week she wasn’t going to be able to keep her horses in the pasture that is close to our home. The land owners decided they didn’t want the liability of having her horses on their land. I don’t know if there is significant liability there but that is their decision. So she is once again trying to find a place close to home for her horses. It would be ideal if we had land ourselves but at this time we don’t.

Things at work are going ok for now. Don’t know what next week holds but next week will have enough grace to get through it. God is always faithful. There are things going on there that I don’t want anything to do with. Our office has a terrible reputation for being a problem office. We were finally at a place where things were going great and then BOOM, someone gets their shorts in a wad and everything blows up! I am tired of drama and ready to leave this behind me.  

So tonight I plan to watch a movie and we are going to have grilled steaks, potatoes and salad tonight for dinner, after that we are having cake and ice cream to celebrate Kevin’s birthday. He will be 20 on Tuesday! No longer a teenager. I  now only have two teenagers, all the rest of them are adults now. And they survived to tell about it! As did their dad and me!


2 thoughts on “hair cuts, Easter Program, work, movies

  1. Steak- yum!

    The trick isn’t just to survive… it’s to survive AND keep your sanity. You lost your sanity a long time ago, friend.

    Happy Birthday to Kev!

    • did you know me when I still had my sanity? I don’t think you did! This is the only way you have ever known me…bwaahaaaaaahaaa

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