Holly’s car is done! We don’t owe the IRS, We do owe KS!

who know’s how much we are going to owe in the other 2 states we are going to have to file with…but the greatest news is that Holly’s car is FINISHED! 

  The new front end was red and Holly just wasn’t willing to have a muti-colored car, I really don’t know what her deal is, what is wrong with having a car that is two different colors? I mean red and blue go together just fine. But she wasn’t interested in making a fashion statement, to each their own. Charlie and his boss painted the front end last weekend and Holly got her car back this weekend. It took longer than we wanted to get it done, but it is DONE!

Worked on our taxes today, they are very taxing!!  But the good news is that we don’t owe federal. I really thought we were going to get kicked in the teeth this year from federal. We did last year! KS always gets us. I really hate it that we have to pay so much to this State! I don’t know yet how much we will have to pay to the other two states. We will see. I was tired of doing taxes so I have put it aside for the time being.

Had lunch with a great friend yesterday, we laughed till our sides hurt at the most heart wrenching things in our lives! It felt good to cut loose and just laugh at everything the enemy has thrown our way in the last few years. We both take great comfort in knowing that we are not alone in this battle for our childrens souls, and the knowledge that stupid choices are not unique to just one of our families!

3 thoughts on “Holly’s car is done! We don’t owe the IRS, We do owe KS!

  1. Sorry you have to paid on state taxes. We have to pay to Missouri never had to pay them. Tom has now changed it so hope not next yr. I worked last two days at SDC in Toy. I don’t think my lead boss likes me. Didn’t think so last yr. I think he doesn’t like me because my big boss likes me & because I am a Christian. He’s going to have to get over either is changing. I stood up to about him more of less calling me a liar about someone. I hope if God is teaching to stand up I learn that lesson today. Not a victim anymore. Love you & miss you alot. Talk about you alot here with people in church. How you supported me & helped so much in my life.

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