busy but productive day

Charlie got Holly’s car parts painted today and now it is drying, hopefully he will have it put back together this week early on. Kelly found a place to keep her horses and has a couple of horses to train this summer as well! She is pretty excited about that. We went to Hobby Lobby and got her frame ordered for her pencil drawing for fine arts. It is going to look really nice, and the price is as expected…expensive! But hey it will be worth it. Hopefully things will go better for her this year. Last year she recieved a superior with invitation to Nationals and then had it pulled from her because there was information missing on the information sheet. Very disappointing, she could have won Nationals had she been able to take it. This year we are going to make sure that all the t’s are crossed and the i’s dotted!

Michael is doing fairly good right now, he is slacking off on school work again so we are lighting a fire under him, he is taking that pretty good and is buckling down and getting the work done. He isn’t the easiest to motivate when it comes to school work!

Stephanie is graduating this year too! With a masters in Architecture! So very proud of her! She is freaking out some with the economy the way it is. But I know that God is going to provide for her needs. I pray that she will turn to Him for direction and get her life back on track spiritually. Pray for her when you think of her. She is doing great in every area but her walk with the Almigty God and His precious Son, who gave His life so that she can have life and that more abundantly! I know the word that was sowed in her life and heart will sprout and grow again. I would prefer sooner rather than later.

Working on Easter, the ideas for the characters are different and fun! I am looking forward to seeing this unfold! I do love the non traditional things! I think this is going to be as much fun as the Christmas one we did a few years ago, our creative juices are flowing!

Now onto the next thing I want to talk about, auto insurance. You know we pay every year to have insurance to protect us if we are in an accident. But what I have found is that we are terribly under insured! Holly had a minor fender bender and they are telling us that the cost of the medical care for the driver, who by the way was fine at the scene, may run more than the $50,000 worth of coverage that we have! What if this had been a serious accident with real injuries? I’m not worried about this anymore, I was a few weeks ago, but there is peace and a knowledge that no matter what the enemy throws at us we will walk through it with God by our side. He is our provider and keeper, and He takes care of His kids. (not always in the way we want though) But I do have to question insurance coverage and if we have enough and if we can even afford to get enough. What is your coverage? Is it better than ours? We are covered by Progressive. It will be interesting to see how they “take care of us” like they say they will.  I just wonder is all. We think because we have insurance that we are covered but the truth is that we are only partially covered. We are still vulnerable, and we are still liable. Kinda scary considering how many accidents there are out there and how many of them are serious. Just something to think about.


5 thoughts on “busy but productive day

  1. We have shelter on the vehicles. Insurance is such a racket. It seems like if you file a claim, your rates either go up or you get dropped. Makes you wonder what you were paying for all along if they’re just going to penalize you for using the insurance you PAID for. Insurance in this country is such a scam. Ridiculous what ins. companies get away with.

    Remind me next Friday at lunch- there’s two things I want your opinion on, but I’ll prob get to talkin’ and forget. One has to do with my boys (who need serious prayer, btw). The other is about money (or lack thereof).

  2. So sorry for the problems with the wreck. We are still waiting for police report on Tom’s. He may call this week to see where it is. Waiting to be called to work SDC. We open Thurs. Amy & Justin & kids are coming week from Wed. Can’t wait. Had a good visit with Diane & kids. As usual Patrick very hard to be with. Pastor Sam challenged us to say only positive things for a week. Guess when that was yes, Tues. to Tues. But if I hadn’t done it then would have been harder to deal with Patrick. Still complains when we go out to eat & about everything Diane spends on kids. I took clothes & Easter candy & even found a pot of spring flowers for Diane at Lowe’s. We spent quality time with the kids. Jeremiah looks at you like you are so smart & wonderful. Moriah thinks everything you do & say if so funny. She laughed so much when we were alone with her. Took Josiah to park with Diane. Patrick stayed in the car with sleeping two kids. Like spring there. Wrecks all over the place & police all over the other places. God gave us mercy & protection even through Dallas traffic. Had good time of fellowship together on way up & back. Miss you. Will keep praying for you. Love you!

  3. If you have Progressive insurance on your house change it ASAP! Some friends of ours had a fire 1 year before us and they are still fighting Progressive. One day he spent 5 hours on hold just trying to get a question answered. It’s been a nightmare for them. At the very least make sure you have full replacement coverage on your home and contents. I’m a firm believer that saving money on insurance premiums is not the way to save money!

    • The house isn’t through progressive. I don’t remember who we have the house with I would have to look that up. I definately am wanting to make sure we are covered though so I am going to be doing some investigating there as well.

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