Soooo tired already this week and we are only to Tuesday night!

Yesterday I worked the front office by myself, it kicked my but! I worked just shy of 10 hrs yesterday and I still haven’t quite recovered. Today was Tuesday and Tuesdays are always very busy and long, so now I am exhausted already. At least I didn’t have to work the front office alone today. My coworker had a procedure done on Friday and wasn’t up to coming back to work yet on Monday and really probably should have stayed home today to. She was moving pretty slow by noon today. She is a hard worker so when I told her to sit down and take it easy she did for about 5 min and then she was back up and going again!

Charlie is working hard on Holly’s car. He got the paint today and he is getting everything prepped to be painted and put back together. He is pretty pumped about the front end fitting her car! It looks like we are going to be able to fix her car for less than $500! Woot Woot! That is a relief!

Kelly is preparing for Prom, we ordered her dress the other night, that was painful! The cost of a dress, that is only going to be worn once, is rediculous! This will be her only prom though so I guess I can’t complain to much! the dress is gorgeous and she will be breathtaking in it. Chase, her date, will be awestruck by her! More than usual that is! lol.

Kevin is doing well, the kids went to see him this weekend and had a great time in the recording studio. Michael and Kelly have both written songs for Fine Arts this year. They are going to have Kevin record the songs for the competition. Kids nowadays have so much at their disposal!

We have started the Easter program, I think it is going to be really good. I love working on original projects. It is going to be a lot of work for all of us but I think we have the talent and drive it will take to make it happen. Using all non traditional music with narration to tell the story of the last week of Jesus life before his ressurection! different characters telling their perspective of the events that changed our lives forever. Very.Excited.About.This.Project!!!


One thought on “Soooo tired already this week and we are only to Tuesday night!

  1. I am looking forward to the Easter production myself. I enjoy having something to work on in common with Kyia. Jackie let me switch out rooms with the boys. It was a mess. I am soo sore and tired. Today is Wednesday though. It doesn’t seem possible that time flies so quickly that one day the little girl they place in our arms is growing up into a beautiful woman before our eyes. We are all truely blessed!

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