time for another post

and yet I really have nothing of worth to say right now. I have struggled with a heavy weight of anxiety and fear over things that have happened in the last year. It seems that things are just piling up on me. The bills just keep coming in and it looks like they are going to continue with no end in sight. I found another bill in the pile of mail I finally had time to open today. $905.00 due apon receipt, yeaaaaa I will get the check in the mail tomorrow! This is from Michaels accident last summer, I am still paying bills on that one and now I have yet another one as the insurance would only cover $4500 of the medical for Michaels injuries. At least they covered the 4500! gotta try to see the positive in this. I have been trying to get us out of debt and it seems like everytime I make any headway I get knocked back 2 steps for every 1 I take. Getting frustrating to say the least. It is easy to say that God is our source and that He will provide, and I do believe that with all my heart. I have watched Him provide in the most amazing and surprising ways, yet it is still hard when you are walking through the valley and wondering what is coming down the road next. I hate getting the mail, I hate answering my phone, both have been bad news more than not. it is much easier to encourage someone else going through this than to walk it yourself. The hardest part is being completely out of control. I have no control over what is coming toward us. No control over the events that have transpired and are going to transpire. I don’t like that. I want to be able to have some form of control in my life and right now there really isn’t any. Life goes on and this to shall pass.


3 thoughts on “time for another post

  1. Oh, sweetie… You know I understand. I wish I could swoop in and help you guys. If I had the dough, you know I would. Instead, you have my prayers. I definitely know the frustration of trying so hard to get out of debt, then having a major catastrophe come along and undo all the progress you made. Nothing is more depressing than to spend a year or more paying off a debt, then get back in as soon as a new bill arrives. We’re right there with you. Things are going from bad to worse here, too, and I know how easy it is to get focused on the fear. But fear and faith don’t reside well together. One wll quench the other. So… I try to choose faith as often as possible. It’s easier on my stomach and the muscles in my neck- lol! Sometimes, I have to force myself to think faithful thoughts, but I’m trying.

    Here’s what I know for sure: “I was young and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread.” Ps 37:25

    God doesn’t need your money (or mine) to do His job. Trust Him. He is faithful.

    Have you seen the movie Galaxy Quest? “Never give up. Never surrender.”

    Have you seen Finding Nemo? “Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.”

    Have you seen the Veggie Tales about Daniel? “Don’t cry, Daniel (Lanie)…. Fear not, (Lanie)… Don’t you know you’re not alone? There is One who is watching you. He listens when you pray. And though it seems this time you won’t get through, God has made a way!”

    • you know that you are in so much worse a place than I am and yet here I am complaining and feeling sorry for myself! But you know what fear is fear no matter the degree and we have been told not to fear, but to have faith in our heavenly father for He cares for us and everything that touches our lives! I have chosen to walk in faith and kick the fear out! If only I could get it to stay out! Thank you for your encouraging words Chelle and Carol you are both such a blessing in my life!

  2. Elaine Just got this. Just got back from Texas. Know what you mean in trying to get out of debt. But God is going to work it all out for both of us. God is in control. God will give us favor. Praying for you baby! Love you. Our wrecks on both sides are difficult enough with the injuries. God will heal our loved ones & our finances. I plead the blood on your house & ours. We are in aggrement together girl!

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