events of the last week…

Well lets see, Brandie from work took another position in another office. She is working with Stacey, our previous wonderful OC which I miss so much! I am missing them both. There are so many changes going on at the work front! We are moving in a couple of months to Galena and there is sooooo much work to be done! We are going to be going all electronic, that will be really nice, I.hate.chart.hunting! I do not know how so many charts get lost, we are constantly looking for a chart it seems! We always find them, it is just frustrating when you have to look all through the office.

Other things happening…well the most traumatic thing this week was Holly’s accident on Tuesday night. We were at the game to see Kelly perform in the Winter Guard, Charlie got a call from Holly telling him she had been in an accident. She was very upset and crying. He told her we were on our way and we left the school, headed home to get Davids meds and headed for KC. Ihad called my cousin Tanya to let her know Holly had been in an accident and she went to the hospital to be with Holly till we could get there We got there around 11pm, she had already been released from the hospital and we met her up at her house. We decided to bring her home and keep her here for a couple of days. Charlie and Holly went to KC the next day to get her car out of the wrecker yard, you know they charge out the wazoooo to keep your car in a place like that. They charged us for 3 days! The car was there from Tuesday night to Thursday morning! They were there to pick it up before the place opened and yet they were still charged rental for a 3rd day, very frustrating. Anyway all that is just stuff and money…the good thing is God’s protection on my daughter! She walked away with minimal injury. She is sore from the impact but otherwise she is fine. She turned left at an intersection and hit an oncoming car. She thought she had a green arrow, but apparently it was only a green light. Charlie has found a front end for her car and is going to replace it for her. It is red and her car is blue! She is not real happy about that. We are going to check into what it would cost to have it painted. The timing for this is not good, but when is it ever good? I am taking her back to KC Saturday. She is ready to get back to her friends, work, church and life! She is missing several dance classes, but she wouldn’t have been able to go to class, she was much to sore and much to groggy from the pain meds! She hasn’t taken any pain meds today and she is doing good. So back to reality for her tomorrow! I am so thankful that God protected her!

Now we are watching “A Walk In the Clouds” with a roaring fire in the fireplace, and promise of a new day tomorrow full of Gods blessings and favor!

2 thoughts on “events of the last week…

  1. I am so glad Holly is alright. PRAISE GOD for His protection. Yes I could have told you if I had known about the wreck yard. We had to pay for it with Tom’s wreck. Don’t understand but they told us you would be surprised how many people take advantage & leave their cars there. I hope it will be better when you get moved. Miss you. I am praying for you. Get some rest & take care of yourself.

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