facebook, twitter and other social networks

I think they are great, but I do have my issues with what people use them for! I have found that there are posts that I just skip over because they are so negative about everything and everyone. They will post every little annoyance that they have throughout the day as though we really want to know all their thoughts about the people they work with, live with, etc… never taking responsibilty for their own part in the situation, always blaming the other person for everything that goes wrong.  I know this is my own pet peeve and perhaps there are those of you who really like to read those posts. I.Do.Not! I have been the subject of these posts before and what I have found is that the comments to the negative post are made without knowing all the facts behind what actually happened, the comments are made as though this person is telling them the whole story and is in no way responsible for whatever may have happened to “tick them off”. Don’t get me wrong here, there are times when you get frustrated and I have even posted that I am frustrated with a situation, what I am talking about are those who post 30 to 50% of the time with there hardships and the way they are so mistreated, abused or mad. They seem to have a permanent chip on their shoulder. It certainly isn’t limited to one person, this seems to be an epidemic of unhappy, mistreated people that feel the need to let everyone on their friend list know just how bad they have it! We all have our problems folks. Some have worse problems than others to be sure, but we all have problems and we all have a choice in how we are going to respond to them. If you are a christian, what kind of taste are you leaving for those who do not know Jesus? Do they see that your relationship with Him is strong and brings you through every situation? Or do they see that you are full of bitterness and your relationship with Jesus appears to be  nothing more than something you “do” not a “way of life” for you? I know I can be harsh sometimes and right now is one of them. I am exhausted with the mamby pamby christianity that I see and read everyday on these social networks. My question for you is this, if you are a christian are you making a difference? Are you allowing the Holy Spirit to guide you even in what you post on facebook, twitter, or anyother network you may use? When peopel encounter you at work, home and on the web do they encounter Jesus as well, or do you leave a bitter taste in their mouth?  If you know me then you know that I don’t “always” leave a sweet taste in the mouth of those who meet me, but I am working on that. I am truly seeking to be more like Jesus and to be a light to show the way to Him with everyone I meet, whether that is at work, church, home or on the web. Do we think about how many people are reading what we post and how they are perceiving us and our claim to being a follower of Jesus?  Examining our motives is not fun, but if we will do it then perhaps we can become effective for the Kingdom of God rather than a stumbing block for those who are not there yet. Just some thoughts that I wanted to get off my chest.

3 thoughts on “facebook, twitter and other social networks

  1. I find myself reading more than commenting. I like the fact I can keep up on family. I don’t like some of the apps. Choosing our words carefully needs to be of the upmost importance. I am with you on how we behave shows more of what we believe than just church words and bumper stickers. Real people believing in a living God is what is needed. Anymore more than that an we can fall into being a fake and powerless child of God! What a tradegy!

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