time for phase 3 of Hcg…

I really have a hard time with this phase. I have to keep my weight within 2 lbs up or down of my last weight when I completed phase 2. I am up 1.4 today, I am .6 away from the 2 lb mark yikes! You would think that after being on the 500 calorie diet for 3 weeks it would be easy to keep the calories down! Not so much, but I am trying and determined to make this happen. To much work to give up now! This is the phase where the metabolism resets, very important that I not screw this up!

My mom’s birthday is tomorrow she is amazing! I wish I could be with her on her birthday, but my daughter Holly will get to have lunch with her and dad tomorrow so that will have to do! Just a shout out to my wonderful mom…HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST MOST WONDERFUL MOM IN THE WORLD! I love you mom, you are the greatest!


5 thoughts on “time for phase 3 of Hcg…

  1. I am proud of you on your weight loss. Good job! Your Mom is so beautiful inside & out. Pray she had a wonderful birthday. Wish you could be with her too!

  2. What a LOVELY picture of A. Connie! I think she is absolutely beautiful (on the inside and out), she is one of our “treasures”! We are so blessed!!! As for Phase 3…I am determined to get it right myself…we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us! And where is the picture of you E??? I need to see you , and it must be at least a 5X7, just like mine and your mom’s! 🙂

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