crazy patient!

You know I talked yesterday about the pt that I was “firm” with about who she was going to see. Well today was her appt. and she is CRAZY! I am serious, I have kidded about crazy pts before but this time I am not kidding! She made her appt. as though she was referred by another dr to our office, then we find out when we request records from that dr that they had not referred her, but Fired her as a pt because she was such a disruption to their office! So today she was a disruption to our office and the other office as well! Our drs decided that they were not going to see her today and would not see her in the future and she was told that she would need to find a different dr. She walked through the door and went back to the lab telling me that she was going to be seen! She was headed back to the pt rooms, I stepped in front of her and told her to sit down( this was in my” mom of 6 kids and I’ve had enough” voice) and I would be back in a min. I went back to the dr to let him know what was happening. He told me to call security to have her removed from the office. Susan wanted to come up front to help me out, but Dr said “No, I don’t want punches thrown!” I went to the phone and had Stephanie call for security and told the pt that she was not going to be seen today. She continued to argue with me and I just left her sitting in the lab. When security came they told her she had to leave and she told them no. So, they gave her the option of leaving with them or with the police. She opted to leave with security. She waited down stairs for her husband who along with a friend threatened the security officer, and the husband came upstairs to “talk” with the dr in private. I told him no the dr was in clinic and unavailable. He argued with me slightly and then after seeing security come through the door again chose to leave. the security officer told us that they had to call the police because of the threat to security. So not only do we have crazy poeple demanding to see our dr but now they are threatening our security guards! The police came and they asked me if we wanted to file a complaint against the pt. I told them no we just want her to go away. If she shows up in the the building again we are to call the police and she will be arrested for trespassing. Now I have left out quite a bit of details, you got the cliff notes, but I must say that this was an interesting day! A good week to be pms-ing, I’d say it worked to my advantage!


4 thoughts on “crazy patient!

  1. I really wish you’d stop talking about me on your blog without my permission. Not to mention your need to keep calling me crazy. What’s up with that? You’re just jealous of my free-spiritedness. Gee whiz- I get kicked out of one doctor’s office and it’s suddenly a big deal. And I notice you didn’t even mention how you kicked me before the security guys came. Real nice, Elaine. Real nice.

    • oh my Chelle, you are truly crazy, but this chick has you beat by a mile! I know you didn’t think that was possible, heck I didn’t think that was possible! lol, but I am more than willing to take you to lunch to set all things straight and back in order! You made me laugh…again thank you!

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