went back to work, the road out front was plowed

I could not believe it! There was a car out front yesterday that got stuck and had to be pulled out with a tow rope. The next thing I know there is a snow plow clearing our road! Now understand that the bottom of my car was still scaping bottom after the blizzard last week. Now the road is cleared and my car passes over the snow without scraping bottom! Who was that who got stuck? Apparently it was someone who has clout around here because they certainly don’t come out and plow our road for regular people like us! I have mixed feelings about this, you know why does it take someone “important” to get stuck in order to get our road cleared? But then maybe it was all just a coincidence and they were planning to come out and plow our road all along. Maybe so the trash truck could get down our road…no wait the road would be cleared already from melting all weekend, no thats not it. I really don’t have anything but conjecture and a bad attitude right now. I am pms-ing I think! Not a good thing for one of our patients today when I was making reminder calls! She tried to tell me who she was going to see and I proceeded to tell her that the office policy was that she would see our PA first and then if necessary she would see the Dr.  My coworker Stephanie got quite a kick out of my conversation with her. I don’t get really pointed with our patients very often, but today I did. I am a lttle off my game this week. I don’t like to be harsh with our patients. I prefer to be cordial and kind even while I am enforcing the guidelines my dr’s have put in place.

I talked with my husband at lunch today they were in Colby KS, well on their way to Denver.  I specifically asked him not to use our debit card. I got home and decided to balance the check book. Opened our account online and what do I find? He spent almost $50 bucks on our debit card after I specifically asked him not to use it. Now I get to, once again, juggle the bills to make sure we don’t get an overdraft! That didn’t help my pms-y mood let me tell ya! I just really wish he would listen to me when I tell him things are tight and honor the request not to use the debit card. He has cash, that is part of the reason I don’t have enough to pay the bills coming up this next week.  grumble grumble, gripe gripe, better go to bed tonight! Surely I will feel better in the morning!


2 thoughts on “went back to work, the road out front was plowed

  1. Praying for you. It’s the enemy. He is a liar & a thief & under your feet. Been trying for me to be with Tom 24/7. I’ve had my moment with the snow & being snowed in. We are still snowed in on our road. Got out yesterday but road hasn’t changed & have to get back before dark. I know your road never gets cleared. Don’t know who it could have been to have cleared your road. Maybe they took pity. Love you.

  2. I’m right there with you on the bill juggling (thanks to the husband who thinks our checking account is magically refilled each night by tiny banker elves). It’s so, so stressful. I’ve been in tears the past two days over money worries. I had to transfer money out of the business account (into our pers. one) to cover the bad checks he wrote and the resulting overdraft fees. He got mad because he “needed,” that money (gee, I thought I needed it, too- for stupid things, like covering his checks and feeding our kids) and he made me put the money back in (which means there will be even more bad checks and overdrafts from our personal checking).

    Marriage is FUN! I like Marriage! Marriage is FUN! I like Marriage (say it with me, Lanie)! Marriage is FUN!

    God, help us to trust you for our finances, and remain in your peaceful presence, even when the men you so graciously blessed us with are idiots (which seems to be a good part of the time, Lord. Maybe you could do something about that, too?). And help us to love our idiots when they deserve it the least, just as you love us at our most unlovable. Amen? Amen.

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