another snow day? aarrrggghhh

I really can not afford to be off again! But be that as it may, I am unable to get out of my neighborhood safely in my teeny tiny little honda civic! It was still dragging the ground before it snowed again! I just watched some neighbors pull a car up the road with a tow rope, after he got stuck in the road. The snow is not as deep this time thank goodness. I guess I will take the oportunity to get all the laundry done and the house cleaned up again. There are books to read as well! I am reading a new book now, you can read about it on my bookclub page. I am getting these books from Bethany House, I love it that I am being introduced to authors that I have not read in the past.

I found out yesterday that the Dr I work for finally turned in his notice to Freeman and we are going independant April 30th. Kinda nervous, I don’t like new things that I am unfamiliar with. We will be using Electronic Medical Records and everything will be different. At the same time I am excited for the adventure ahead.

David is doing great with his caregiver now. He seems to be very content and happy. He is staying at the same place in the morning and afternoon. Thank you Robbie for helping us out and being such a blessing to David and us!

Charlie and Michael are going skiing this weekend. They leave Thursday and will be back on Sunday. They are going to be staying with Charlie’s brother Roger. I think this will be a great time for them both. Crossland Heavy is taking their superintendants on this trip and they will have fun. I am praying there won’t be any accidents, they are not always smart about their choices on the slopes!

Kelly is in the music room practicing for the music competition, she has a very pretty voice, I do enjoy listening to her sing. Her talents just keep coming to the surface, God has a lot of material to work with when it comes to this girl!


3 thoughts on “another snow day? aarrrggghhh

  1. Can relate on weather as we are snowed in here too. Probably got 6 inches or more. Can relate to change too. I am going Sat. for second attempt for Transfer Day to get a job earlier than rehire June. Please pray they will put me in the job that God wants me. Glad everything else is going better. Tom may have found a cheap old truck to get by with. We will go try to drive it if we can tomorrow. Love you Miss you!

    • glad to hear that things are going well for you guys, is Tom feeling better? I will pray about the job, I know it is frustrating not knowing what is coming. Love you too!

  2. Jackie got his hours in this week. Couldn’t say that about last. All the children are out til Monday. Wyatt is still giving me fits when Jackie is at work in the evening. His teacher seems to think it is the stress and tension of the issues going on right now. Glad to hear thay Michael and Charlie will get to spend some time together. Enjoy your time off. You will be busy enough when the time comes.

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