That little check in ones spirit…

you know the one that we prefer to ignore because we don’t want to deal with the reason for that check? I have had a check in my spirit for weeks now and I have not wanted to follow it, look into it. I would much rather stick my head in the sand and pretend that everything is fine. I hate looking into things. I rarely find what I want to find and most often I find exactly what I have a check about!

I hate being lied to, I hate trusting and finding out that trust was not respected. I am rather angry right now, I will have to forgive and deal with this. I need direction from the Lord.


2 thoughts on “That little check in ones spirit…

  1. This sounds like something that needs to be discussed over lunch ASAP. You know me, friend- if I know you’re upset over something, it’s gonna bug me til I find out what it is. I have a tiny feeling I already know (or at least I have a ballpark idea), but we need to get together QUICK! I was missing your gorgeous smile, anyway.

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