Snow Day! Changes at work! Weight loss!

We have two days off of work due to the BLIZZARD! It is still snowing out there and we have 8 to 10 inches so far. Very pretty and very cold! My son, Michael, was called to come into work at Pizza Hut. He tried to get out of the driveway, didn’t make it. So he walked into to town! Charlie is outside trying to get Michaels truck out of the street and back in the driveway, he is real happy about that (not). Kelly is out there helping him, I am in here blogging about it. We all have our burden to bear…Charlie obviously took the day off as well. I don’t know that his truck would have made it either as he dosn’t have 4 wheel drive. The only one who has 4 wheel drive here is Kelly and her vehichle broke down on Sunday, amazing timing!

In other news, lets talk about work! Our office coordinator is gone! She went back into the float pool yesterday! Now I must say I don’t blame her. She was taking a lot of blame for things that were not her fault. She was being accused of things that were not happening. I don’t think I would have stayed either. She was a good freind to me and such a breath of fresh air after what I put up with before she came. She was doing her job and doing it well, but because of situations out of her control, things just didn’t work out. I will miss her terribly.

My Doctor is going independant in April or May, we are moving to Galena. I am excited and nervous about the changes. His wife will be the office coordinator and I am concerned about her not liking me and the work enviroment being tense. I hope that this is not the case. Dr says he dosn’t think it will be that way. He thinks we will get along great. We are both christians, mom’s with a lot of kids, homeschool, and organized hard workers. I hope that he is right. I have asked to meet her and get a chance to go over what she expects from me and what we need to get for the office. I know that the Lord is directing my steps and I am following after peace.

As for the weight loss! I am down 13.6 lbs for this round of hcg! I have lost 25.8 in all. I am feeling great! I have 10 days to go for this round. My cousin has lost a lot of weight too! Just look at these before and after pics! I am soooo proud of her! She is feeling great as well.

 I had my blood work done before I went on this protocol and then again after I had been on it for a round. My colesterol and triglycerides all were a little elevated before but after they were well within  range! Charlie has done well on it too. I would like him to get into the dr to see how his blood levels would be! His were considerably worse than mine! over all very pleased with this protocol and glad I didn’t listen to the naysayers.

My brother-in-law and his girlfriend have also done incredible on this. they both are looking amazing! And so much healthier. Just my little plug for a system that works!

Be sure and leave comments when you visit, don’t want to have to gripe again! Love you!



9 thoughts on “Snow Day! Changes at work! Weight loss!

  1. WOW! Tanya (that IS Tanya, isn’t it?) looks great!

    Which doc do you work for again? I may know his wife from BSF. Is it Adcock? If not, why am I thinking it is? Where would I have gotten that if you didn’t tell me?

    • I work for Dr Roberts and Dr Adcock. Dr Roberts is the one that is going independant. You probably know Cheri Adcock. She is a sweetie, I have met her several times in the office, she is always very nice. She is involved in BSF. I don’t know if Dr Roberts wife Jeanie is involved in BSF or not.

      • Yeah, I remember that now- you saying it was dr. Roberts. I’m getting so forgetful. I used to have a mind like a steel trap. Fibro causes brain fog, I think. I can’t ever think straight anymore. Not like I ever thought all that straight before!

        Adcock’s wife was my discussion leader one year. I hope Roberts’ wife will be as sweet as Cheri- to make it pleasant for you to work with her!

        Hey, how do you feel like David did the other day at my place? He seemed happy. He had a smile on his face the whole time, but was very quiet. I’m thinking it was just because it was a change in his normal routine, and there’s so much noise and activity at our house. I hope he liked being there.

      • I think David did great, he was easy going when I got him home, he acted like he was contented. He has been the same with Robbie. She said that he seems to be genuinly happy to be with her. I am so grateful that you two have stepped up to help me out like this. David is normally quiet at home, he just wants to have us close by. If he is smiling, he is happy. He dosn’t give pretense about how he is feeling. If he is mad, sad, hurt, happy, contented you will know. He will also mirror what is happening in the enviroment around him. If there is fighting, hurt feelings, yelling anything like that he will react in the same manner. If there is a lot of laughter and fun he will mirror that as well. David is like a barometer for what is going on in the atmosphere around him. So your home must have been a peaceful enviroment for him…thank you for that!

    • yes this is Tanya and she is looking amazing! I am so proud of her. We have done this together and that has made it easier for both of us.

  2. I really like the sleeping in. The kids are starting to go alittle stir crazy. Praise God for the electric staying on. I have no running vehicle to get stuck this time around unlike last christmas when we had 2 stuck for a long time. Very happy for you guys finding a way to lose weight and gain energy. Stay safe and we will see you all soon.

  3. When you asked to put those pics on the blog, I thought they would be MUCH smaller!!! But thanks for the kind comments…I was quite surprised myself when I saw the difference in the pics, funny I don’t see that difference in the mirror. Thanks to you I found a program that works for me, and doing it together is the only way to go! Love you Sweetie!

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