What is the deal?

I checked out my blog stats just now and to my surprise there were 36 of you on my blog yesterday and only 2 of you commented. Now come on you guys how am I supposed to know what you have to say if you won’t say it? There is that little “comments” button. Click it and then leave me feedback, I’m tired of talking to myself all the time! Ok I am done! Let me know you were here, I don’t bite…hard  🙂


6 thoughts on “What is the deal?

  1. So what you want to blog about? I am guilty of reading and not commenting. So I am now commenting on you needing more ppl to comment.

  2. I would like to comment on biting hard. I seem to remember a day when I was bitten hard by you. We may have been young, but I still have a vivid memory.

  3. charlie dosn’t count! And after 27 years the feeling is coming back to the base of his thumb…he is the exception not the rule. Never try to make me pick up a bug, the consequences are long term!

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