Living with a Special Needs Adult, Child, Baby

All these bring challenges that the average person does not understand. They can be very demanding, needy, and even destructive. David is all of these things from time to time, but not all the time. He has people that he likes and those he does  not like. He has his bad days and he has his good days. I never know from day to day what kind of day he is going to have. It can be very difficult finding caregivers for a special needs person, no matter their age. but especially as an adult.  Your average person is reluctant to help out. I have been blessed with a couple of people who have been very good with him, or at least I think they are. The thing is that if David is a problem for those who are caring for him and they don’t tell me about it I cannot do anything about it. I may not be able to fix it even if I know, but please if you are the caregiver of a special needs person and you find yourself or family members getting angry with them because of their behaviour let someone know that there is a problem. How are we, the parents or guardians, supposed to correct a problem if we don’t know there is one?  If you are reading this and you are one of David’s caregivers please let me know if he is being a problem I can not help if I do not know. I would rather find him another caregiver than have you or family members mad at him, resenting his presence in your home.  Living with a special needs adult, or being the caregiver for one is  very challenging. There are days that you just want/need a break. The fits of rage (these are not as bad now that he is medicated) the broken things in the house, the dents in my car because it was locked when he wanted to get in it. The refusal to obey me at times and the challenging of my authority these are all part of an average week with David. He is an absolute delight most of the time, but when things are stressfull he reacts to it. When he has broken things, most of the time, it was provoked by something or someone. Not to say that it was provoked on purpose or even knowingly. It is true that God gives these precious souls to us in trust. It isnt easy to care for them and it certainly isn’t a fun job, but it can be very rewarding and there will be a special blessing for those who treated them right. If you are a parent, grandparent or caregiver to one of these gifts from above, treat them right, love them, and get help when you need a break, there is nothing wrong with getting help.

Just a shout out to my friend Ashley who has a special needs little girl, I know how hard it is sweetie and I am lifting you up in prayer, stay close to the Lord and He will bring you and your family through!

Okay I’m done for now….TTYL


2 thoughts on “Living with a Special Needs Adult, Child, Baby

  1. Very well said. As you know, I have one who isn’t exactly in the special needs category, but parenting with love and patience isn’t always easy for kids with “difficulties.” I’m pushed to my limit many times in an average week by one particular kid. And I would definitely want to know if a care giver was experiencing a problem or even just feeling overwhelmed and needing a break. Unfortunately, I have no care givers- so it’s always me, and even though I do at times feel overwhelmed and need a break- I have to keep going. I’m not always as patient and understanding as I should (could) be. It’s hard.

    You know you can count on us if you need a place for David to go.

    Or… You and I both go off to some far-away beach, with no phone service, and we stay there. We will get tan, and drink alcohol-free pina coladas, and not go home until we are rested and refreshed. Pack your best bikinis and be ready by Noon tomorrow.

  2. thanks Chelle, I appreciate your encouragement! And the offer of help means the world to me! And I would be more than happy to help you anytime you need it! As for the trip to a far-away beach, I will not wear a bekini and I will not be seen with you in one either, but the rest of it sounds like the best plan I have heard in a lonnnnnggggg time! Can we take my cousin Tanya too? She needs this as much as you and me!! Oh boy, we may end up in jail…noon tomorrow? OK! Oh the dream

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